Binding description

Leather artistic cover by Librarium Dominika Boryslawska

The binding is being done manually in bookbinding workshop Librarium by Mrs. Dominika Boryslawska. The book is bound in full goat leather (morocco) naturally tanned with rich ornaments made of gold flakes manually stamped on both covers and multicolored laborious inlays on the face and on the spine. Ornamentation was inspired by the spectacular luxury bindings of the early twentieth century made ​​by the then best of British bookbinding workshop, the company Sangorski & Sutcliffe in London. Block is painted and protected with natural beeswax. Leather headband matched to the color of the cover. Endpapers contain colored pictures (originally created by Albert Henry Payne) of two well known French castles. Each volume is placed in protected leather covered case with a special threshold to sustain the block.