Book Rody Panujace

The Genealogical Tables of Dynasties of the World

    by Marek Gierasimowicz

I am pleased to introduce the book "Rody Panujace, Tablice Genealogiczne Dynastii Swiata" being the result of over 40 years of interest in royalty and genealogy of ruling families. It is the collection of genealogical tables of dynasties  from all regions of the world since ancient times to the present. Publication covers families, where at least one of the representatives reigned in an independent or partially dependent territory. Genealogical tables are presented in a "paternal" order. Female members of each family are represented by woman being rulers only. This was due to the need to reduce the enormous amount of material to be published and to limit the size of book.


The goal of the book is to present, as far as possible, a complete branches of each dynasty, not only the main, but also the collateral ones, including the illegitimate descendants.


I do not plan to create works of science. This study is rather the realization of dreams to gather in one place the genealogy of various dynasties of the world. Other existing books, I found till now, concentrates rather only on a selected geographical area or the information, they contain, is limited to the more or less narrow number of branches & members.


Book is being published in my own effort in limited number of copies (on demand). Because I wanted to form a unique position that would be the pride of every home library, it is printed on an exclusive, wood-free, uncoated paper with a slightly creamy shade and entirely hand bound in natural leather with rich ornamentation by specially selected bookbinder, Mrs. Dominika Swiatkowska from Librarium workshop, who specializes in creation of artistic books and cultivates the old techniques of bookbinding.


The book is written in Polish language, but I am sure that due to its structure and contents, it can be used by anybody who is familiar with latin alphabet.